This section explains how to enter the specific code linked to the device you wish to control.
If you don't know the specific code use the CODE SEARCH program to find out what it is.

Having identified the code, set it as follows:

1. Press and hold down for 6 seconds the device selection button that corresponds to the device you wish to control (e.g. ) : Release the button. The indicator light will flash.

2. Using the NUMBER (0÷9) buttons enter the code identified previously. If the LED flashes three times it means the operation has been concluded successfully.

3.Now check that the remote controls your device correctly. If the buttons function only partially or incorrectly, the code identified is not the right one and probably belongs to a similar remote control.
In this case you will need to conduct a MANUAL SEARCH to find a more suitable code.

Remember to note down the codes set on the label in the battery compartment, so you can set them again quickly, if necessary, in the future.