The SPEEDY 210 COMBO remote control is ideal for simultaneously controlling an analogue TV combined with a digital decoder (terrestrial, satellite or cable) connected to it.
In this case, thanks to its combined keypad, there is no need to manually select the device to be controlled. Using SPEEDY 210 COMBO to control both devices (TV + DECODER), the light blue buttons automatically control the TV, and the dark blue buttons control the DECODER.
With the appropriate settings the remote control can also control individual devices such as a digital TV, analogue TV or decoder. In that case, all of the buttons on the keypad control the selected device.

The SPEEDY 210 COMBO remote control has a memory with a vast amount of information regarding numerous devices produced by different brands on the market.
So to control a device (such as a TELEVISION) with the SPEEDY 210 COMBO remote control, it is essential to set the specific code of your original device on the MELICONI remote control.
To find the code you need to set, see the CODE SEARCH chapter.


Once you have found and entered the required code, the MELICONI remote control can command your device using all the main functions on the keypad of your SPEEDY 210 COMBO.


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